“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu

Diversity Integration Services 

SEED - Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Seminars 

The SEED (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity) Project is a multifaceted diversity training program that helps participants reflect on their own and others’ experiences while also exploring current theory on topics such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc.  These 2.5 hour long monthly seminars are designed to help participants create, develop and implement strategies that foster respect for all people.
SEED strengthens relational trust, interdependence, and a collectiveness between stakeholders of the organization.   

DAT - Diversity Advocacy Team Formation
“DAT” comprises of a small, diverse group of faculty, staff, and administration who are committed to organizing and implementing institutional transformation for the benefit of all members of the community. Members act as advisors in supporting the Principal in meeting diversity initiatives and providing the framework needed to reach planned goals. Essentially, DAT is a staff led task-force that influences institutional change within the school pedagogical and operational systems. DAT strengthens faculty and staff relationships and fosters a level of collaboration, cooperation, trust,  and accountability that can not be ascertained by administration alone.

Parent-led Diversity Committee Formation and Support 

​Diversity Committees foster an environment of inclusion in which differences are acknowledged, celebrated, and welcomed. This committee strives to create a community of awareness and deepen understandings of identities like race, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomics, learning differences, able-bodiedness, religion, national origin, etc. The work of the committee will focus on assessing and addressing the diversity-related needs of the community and sponsoring events and learning opportunities that allow all constituents to feel supported, secure, validated, and important. The committee will advise and provide counsel to the principal on issues of equity and the implementation of the strategic goals. The Diversity Committee strengthens parental involvement in a productive and mission focused way that gives voices to the many constituencies of the community.

Rehabilitative and Restorative Specialist & Team Training

SSI consultants will train identified school Deans in the implementation of a full-cycle behavior regulation program. The Deans will develop the capacity to organize, execute, monitor, and assess the effectiveness of the regulation protocol. SSI consultants will support the specialists in identifying trends, reassessing and updating procedures, and developing new strategies to grow the effectiveness of the program. Additionally, SSI consultants can facilitate the creation and implementation of the Rehabilitative/Restorative Specialist TEAM training, which involves the coordination and execution of group social emotional behavior regulation supports. SSI consultants will help develop an effective program that includes deans, security teams, select teacher representatives, and appropriate administrators in a holistic and coordinated process that can yield positive experiences for all involved and lower poor behavioral choices. The Rehabilitative/Restorative Specialist Team training empowers faculty and staff in supporting students with behavior regulation and management issues through a streamlined process approach.

Assessment of Multiculturalism, Inclusion, and Diversity (AMID) with focus groups and diversity strategic planning

In many organizations, the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion are viewed as intangibles – good things to have, to do and to profess, but not necessarily the grounds of structured processes and accountability. The data from the AMID survey can convert thoughts, ideas, and assumed best practices into benchmarked numbers for real goal setting.  This evaluation will help organizations shine a light on topics that include:

  • Progress in meeting diversity, equity, and inclusion goals through diversity strategic planning
  • Success in existing diversity and multicultural programs and initiatives
  • Your organization's current level of inclusivity as perceived by multiple constituencies
  • Areas of need, whether in curriculum, infrastructure, governance, or services
  • Engagement processes that illuminate patterns, multiple perspectives, and opportunities for improvement

Customized Professional Development Services

Critical Multicultural Pedagogy - These seminars are specifically designed for teachers, administrators, and curriculum coordinators to explore and evaluate their current curriculum and pedagogical approach to multicultural education.  Participants will revise their current curriculum and develop a multicultural scope and sequence school wide for intentional multicultural planning and execution across all grades and subjects. 

Values & Belief - exploring, aligning, and publishing our values and beliefs as a community.  This workshop provides tools for organizational leaders and staff to either establish or strengthen their organization's culture and climate.   

Custom - Workshops can be designed to specifically address the needs of your organization.  We would meet with your organizational leaders ahead of time to discuss the topics that need to be to addressed and build workshops that speak to them.  Topics can also include a series of Train-the-Trainer models, where we provide tools for your staff/employees to address and present to the greater community.

Workshops - Customized and/or pre-packaged diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion offerings

Student Workshops - Exploration of the multicultural-selves and speaking up.  How do we celebrate our differences without offending others?  With these workshops, students will engage in reflective intrapersonal exercises that will help them explore various aspects of their identity.  Students will then engage in an interpersonal activity to further explore their multicultural-selves. These workshops will provide students with language to combat negative stereotypes and/or acts of insensitivities in a positive and productive way.  Students will walk away with a greater sensitivity to the ways our actions and/or words can impact others regardless of intent. (Follow-up activities for continued conversations and activities in the classroom are provided to teachers). *Note: Although the topic remains constant, each workshop is designed for the targeted age group to ensure developmentally appropriate challenge and engagement.  The methods and exercises for exploring the topic varies for each age group.

Middle and High School Student Race Seminars - This series of seminars is designed to carefully introduce topics of race to middle school students in the following ways; 1. Exploring racial identity 2. Defining race and racism 3. Developing positive racial identity and 4. Building student cultural competency toolkits

Staff & Parent Workshops -  These workshops focus on strengthening empathy as a way to foster positive relationships with others.  Participants will begin to unpack events from their personal lives that influence the way they think, their beliefs, and values.  Participants will then use these self-discoveries to understand other’s perspective and walk, and draw commonalities between themselves and others.   Both groups will be provided with toolkits for engaging in conversations about diversity and empathy with students and their children.

Customized Workshops - Throughout the development of our relationship with the organization, we design workshops that cater to the needs of their community. These customized workshops can be designed for any group of stakeholders within the community, such as students, faculty, staff, parents, employees leadership teams, etc.

Additional Services 

  • Specialized mission and culture-driven recruitment of racially diverse faculty, staff, and administration
  • Teacher and Administrator Mentoring and Coaching
  • Organizational "Diversity Coffees" Assistance - Prospective Faculty, Staff/Employees, and Administrators of Color
  • Global and Local Social Justice Partnerships - The Reciprocity Project™
  • Creating and Executing Racial and Cultural Affinity Groups - Student and Staff/Employees
  • Support in starting Student Diversity Groups
  • Teachers of Color Summer Institute* 

Why Single Story, Inc.?

  • Allow your organization to join the ranks of the most progressive and inclusive institutions in your city and region
  • Develop meaningful diversity initiatives and strategic plans that will transform your organization 
  • Create space for your community to feel supported and authentic
  • Empower your community by offering engagement in anti-racist programming
  • Develop a culturally competent community
  • Increase your organization's marketability with highly regarded, racially diverse candidates
  • Increase your organization's marketability amongst families and clientele that have a strong interest and appreciation for diverse and inclusive organizations
  • Forge local and global relationships across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers, charged with a common goal of social justice and equity for all constituents -The Reciprocity Project™