“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu

Consulting Services

  • Recruitment & Retention of Racial Diversity
    • Specialized mission and culture-driven recruitment of racially diverse faculty, staff, and administration
  • Diversity Recruitment Events
  • Cultural and Climate Surveys
  • Initial Cultural and Administrative Analysis - "Day in the life"
  • Diversity Conflict Resolution - preventative and reactive 
  • Recommendations, Commendations, Solutions, and References

Recruitment, Placement, & Retention Services

  • Specialized mission and culture-driven recruitment of racially diverse faculty, staff, and administration
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Racial Diversity Networking and Wellness Events 
  • School Coffees Assistance - Prospective Faculty, Staff, and Administrators of Color

Customized Professional Development Services

  • Customized Diversity Training
  • Diversity Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Global and Local Social Justice Partnerships - The Reciprocity Project™
  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Creating and Executing Racial and Cultural Affinity Groups
  • Building Anti-Racist Teams and Identifying Diversity Advisors
  • Student Diversity Groups
  • Culture and Climate Survey Analysis Assistance
  • Student Diversity Podcast*
  • Teachers of Color Summer Institute 

Other Services Ask more about The Reciprocity Project™ and custom services designed for your organization

Why Single Story, Inc.?

  • Allow your organization to join the ranks of the most progressive and inclusive institutions in your city and region
  • Develop meaningful diversity initiatives and strategic plans that will transform your organization 
  • Create space for your community to feel supported and authentic
  • Empower your community by offering engagement in anti-racist programming
  • Develop a culturally competent community
  • Increase your organization's marketability with highly regarded, racially diverse candidates
  • Increase your organization's marketability amongst families and clientele that have a strong interest and appreciation for diverse and inclusive organizations
  • Forge local and global relationships across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers, charged with a common goal of social justice and equity for all constituents -The Reciprocity Project™