Single Story(noun) - the repressive belief that one's self-definition, personal potential, or professional capacity is limited by the particular, and often, stereotypical circumstances, norms, or misconceptions imposed by society as a means to promote mediocrity and quell excellence.

Single Story, Inc.’s mission is twofold: (1) helping organizations create culturally empowering and engaging communities through building racially diverse faculty, staff, and administration; and (2) empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their authentic identities through diversity integration across the institution.

Single Story, Inc.’s purpose is simple; to help organizations create windows and mirrors reflective of all constituents; allowing each to feel supported, secure, validated, and important.

In order to achieve our mission, Single Story, Inc. (SSI) has created a unique consulting approach that helps its organizations do the following: locate great racially diverse candidates, help all constituents to feel supported, important, and included throughout the process of diversity integration. The result is generally a stronger, more dynamic and unified faculty, staff, and administrative experience of belonging. The process allows the entire team to recalibrate and focus on the organization's mission and purpose. The general results are that most organizations are positively impacted by the SSI diversity integration process. And SSI is there to help on every step of the journey.

Although the method of run-of-the-mill agencies is to solicit candidates en masse and sell access to unwieldy databases of unvetted candidates with minimal results, SSI 
takes a wholistic approach to the process.  Specifically, we engage in full-cycle recruitment - personally interviewing, vetting, and grooming each candidate to ensure that they satisfy our standards of marketability as well as our clients' expectations of excellence.

While recruitment is one of the tools we use to help integrate diversity in our organizations, it’s important to realize the uniqueness of our approach.  We feel that it is irresponsible to our candidates and a disservice to our clients to stop at the recruitment phase. Therefore, SSI takes the process a leap further by assisting our organizations in the implementation of sustainable processes and procedures that engender a culturally sensitive and welcoming environment in which diverse professionals feel welcome and may thrive.  Furthermore, we prepare our candidates prior to placement and engage them throughout their careers with the training and information necessary for fruitful retention.  

SSI's recruitment and retention platformis driven by value and the delivery of substantive results, focusing on the development of meaningful candidate and client relationships that manifest narratives of success in an industry mired by a lack of impactful diversity initiatives. We are confident that our approach to diversity integration will deliver positive outcomes that will promote personal and professional transcendence, and shatter the mythos of the single story.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou